Brand Background:

By combining the finest leathers and quality materials with uncompromising craftsmanship, Red Wing’s Heritage collection continues to build upon a legacy of USA-made excellence. The Red Wing consumer is one who appreciates aspirational products that focus on quality and craftsmanship.


A visual concept adhering to the brand’s strong heritage was the requirement. A six-month long research into Red Wing’s history, its core business, leather making processes, boot design philosophies, customer needs and expectations, competition and market value was done in order to understand and communicate the brand in its website. Numerous mood-boards were created, reconstructed and refined together with customers and the client to piece together specific colours, photos, icons, typography, etc. —visually and in the Red Wing storytelling.

The brand visuals, together with guidelines, copy and the approved concept, took another 6 months to craft and re-craft. The wireframes of the website were then put together after a few drafts, and 6 versions of the prototype was presented and improved with the client’s feedback. It was a gruelling year-long project but a satisfying one with a strong visual concept that conveys the Red Wing brand heritage.



I worked with 500px Studio, a division of 500px, which is a Toronto, Canada-based online photography community to start its pilot project with Airbnb in Japan, one of the accommodation company’s toughest regional market. The pilot project was launched in September 2016 with its first custom photography assignment that captured 2,000+ final custom images in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.


Over the course of 4 months, I worked with more than 200 photographers in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto to produce images for 1000 airbnb listings and the neighbourhoods. My role was to creatively direct the shots, check for consistence, and to ensure they are of good quality. I communicated with the photographers in Japan and then reported back to Canada on a daily basis.

The result of the project was a huge success and thus sparked the beginning of 500px Studio Business, where companies could hire a community of photographers to shoot custom images for their brands.


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Brand Background:

Japanese traditional skin care brand, Makanai, uses natural ingredients to formulate its products. It has more than 14 stores nationwide and loyal fans from countries such as France, the UK, China, Malaysia and Singapore.


In trying to break out of its tourist souvenir brand image, I was tasked to rebrand Makanai and target its loyal customers by emphasising on the product’s unique ingredients, superior quality, history, natural beauty, femininity and elegance.


As the brand’s creative director, I re-packaged the products, worked with retail industry experts to relook into shop design, re-launched its website and recreated the brand’s promotional materials.

A deep research into Makanai’s history, its core business, cosmetic production techniques, beauty philosophies, customer needs and expectations, competition and market position was done in order to understand and communicate the brand in its products and services. Numerous mood-boards were created, reconstructed and refined together with customers and the client to piece together specific colours, motifs, photos, icons, typography, etc.

The brand visuals (both digital and print media), together with guidelines, copy and the approved concept, took a few rounds of refining and improvement with the client’s feedback. The re-packaging was done together with a deep research into materials suited for storing natural cosmetic products while adhering to strict drug administrative guidelines.

Promotional Materials:




My main project for Makanai Cosmetics was to re-launch the brand with a different approach in its new store location in a prestigious Ginza Tokyu mall. As the creative director, I was in charge of the store design, visual communication and new product line from scratch (idea conceptualisation) to finish (actual store). The brand used to be targeted towards tourists and souvenir-hunters but in hope to highlight its product quality, history and concept of natural beauty, the new approach for Makanai was to give a cleaner, natural and classy look for the store design.

Working with Nomura Kogeisha and a local artist, the centrepiece of the store was created to resemble blue-glazed Japanese Kutani-yaki ceramics and gold-leaf artistry, to reflect the brand’s origins in Kanazawa where that style of pottery and gold-leaf art is famous for. The shop’s overall concept is inspired by the natural landscapes of the Japan Sea, northern Alps and the blue skies of the Kanazawa area. 

With the launch of the new store, a special line of Makanai’s best-seller hand cream was also launched. The packaging design was conceptualized to go in line with the concept of the mall (Tokyo Plaza Ginza) in mind. The mall’s exterior and interior are designed to look like Edo Kiriko, a type of cut glass that Tokyo is known for. The angular-object featured in the product design is a result of connecting the dots of landmarks around the Ginza area, and are then filled with textures of Edo Kiriko motifs. 

ショップデザインと銀座商品のパッケージをプロデュースしました。ショップコンセプトを表現する意図で、 1. 青色(金沢の空、海) 2. 白色 (女性が未来について考え、 ステップアップするための余白) 3. 金色(金沢の金箔屋がブランドの起源) の3色を色彩基調とした内装になって います。店内の随所にブランドの 源流である金箔をあしらうことでも “伝統×革新”を表現します。店舗中央に配置した 新感覚の大型実演&お試し台は、 側面に九谷焼をイメージした特殊加工。 前例のない大きなサイズの陶器風什器は、 “伝統×革新”を表現するものであり、 店舗のアトラクションポイントとしての 役割も担います。 機能面でも優れており、多くのアイテム を実感できる仕組みによって、気軽に 楽しみながら商品の良さを知っていただ けます。


Evian social media content

A series of content for social media postings (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) during festivals, holidays, special dates. Ideated and designed both graphics and copy.

Broadcast Design: Promotional Video for PERFUME

「未来のミュージアム」(Mirai no Museum) Promotional Video for Perfume, a three-girl music group in Japan. Watch video here:

Brand Identity: Laureato Cafe

Design for Laureato Cafe's (Singapore) promotional and store items. A brand identity to visualise the concept of a ‘laurel’ (the symbol of victory) that is made up of individual coffee beans— to represent the cafe’s philosophy of ‘having the best coffee in the country’.