My name's Melissa but people call me Melly or Mel. I was born in Singapore and now living in the fabulous city of Tokyo, Japan. 

I'm a designer and I love it here in Tokyo as I'm inspired by the constant flow of visual stimuli all day, every day. 

I've got experiences editing in a newsroom, flying around the world with a premium airline, teaching in an art school, arming Japanese people with English skills, and of course many years in the design world. I have travelled to more than 34 countries around the world, met countless people and an epic collection of adventure stories to share. 

Besides my love for graphics, I also love art, photography, music festivals, surfing and snowboarding. I enjoy communicating with people, sharing ideas and making ideas come true. Design is one of the channels for communicating ideas across. In obvious ways, in subtle ways. In direct visuals, in subliminal messages.


Nothing is stagnant, everything is evolving, transforming to become better, more dynamic ideas that translate into new things. These new things are food for thought for the next cycle of inspiration and even stronger ideas that turn into even greater things. This is why I love design. Design is never permanent and keeps me chasing for more. 


There is and will never be any dull moment in my life.